BDWS is hosted on github and publically available at The entire repository can be cloned to your machine directly from github, downloaded as a compressed folder, or individual files can be downloaded. Repository directories and files are described below.

contains the pages for this documentation website
contains the source code for building documentation website pages with the sphinx module
contains data for use in the BDWS tutorials
source code for the BDLoG and BDSWEA classes
source code for the BDflopy class
example script for usage of BDWS

BDflopy code is in a separate file because it requires use of MODFLOW-2005 and the flopy module. Some users may wish to use BDLoG and/or BDSWEA without BDflopy.

To clone the github repository, enter the following from a terminal.

$ cd /path/to/project
$ git clone

This will create a new directory containing everything in the repository at the location:


Operating systems

The BDWS python code is cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), and code for the BDLoG and BDSWEA packages has been tested on Windows (10) and Ubuntu (16.04) operating systems. However, for use of the BDflopy class Microsoft Windows is recommended as the USGS only provides compiled MODFLOW-2005 executables for this platform. USGS does provide source code that can be compiled on Unix platforms. Code for the BDflopy class is cross platform but has only been tested on Windows.


  1. Python version 2.7.x is recommended.
  2. Python modules: gdal numpy flopy
  3. Executable programs: MODFLOW-2005

Installing python

Python can be installed from a number of sources, including Anaconda is another option which provides additional tools for python This is a recommended option for novice users. Python version 2.7.x is recommended.

Installing modules

Python modules can be installed with pip.

1. Make sure pip is up-to-date. From a terminal or the Anaconda command prompt enter the following.

>>> pip install --upgrade pip

2. Install any dependencies as follows.

>>> pip install gdal

Full documentation for module dependencies can be found at the following sources.

Only the BDflopy class depends on the flopy module

Installing MODFLOW-2005

MODFLOW-2005 executables and documentation can be found at Download and unpack the .zip file for your operating system. Unix users will need to compile the source code.